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Are you getting limited visibility of your shop floor? What options are out there to solve the business issues in your industry?

Post on April 17, 2014 by Roy Thomas

A constant challenge facing most operations professionals is how to improve the productivity and efficiency of the shop floor. This productivity metric has a direct impact on cost per unit, schedule adherence and many more measures within a Factory.

Meet the Made2Manage Crew at the Vendor Shootout for ERP

Post on April 9, 2014 by Brian Wheat

If you’re in the market for a discrete manufacturing solution, don’t miss us at the Vendor Shootout™ for ERP, April 16-17 in San Diego.

Manufacturers — Make Promises You Can Keep

Post on April 2, 2014 by Brian Wheat

When we engaged with Manufacturing.Net last year to produce a webcast and whitepaper about shop floor scheduling, I knew the topic would resonate, because scheduling is at the heart of everything we do in manufacturing.

CRM that completes you: Why you need an enterprise solution built on best practices

Post on September 13, 2013 by Julie Bevacqua

Editor of CRM Magazine Bob Fernekees interviews Ehab Samy, Aptean’s Director of Product. Learn more about Aptean’s vision for an end-to-end enterprise solution, built upon the best practices the company has gleaned from over 15 years’ serving industries including manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, and many more. Hear more about why it’s critical for organizations to approach enterprise system deployments like CRM, ERP and Supply Chain with the end in mind in order to make a complex process manageable and measurable. 

When It Comes To Root Cause – Operator Knows Best

Post on September 11, 2013 by Mike Comello

Have you ever tried to answer a question using Google?  It seems simple but most times it requires a few searches, refining the question and sometimes sorting through the results to get the right answer. 

Proud to be TEC Certified for Discrete Manufacturing ERP

Post on September 10, 2013 by Brian Wheat

When you’re shopping for enterprise software solutions, there are a number of sites out there willing to help you find the right vendor to fit your needs. TEC (Technology Evaluation Centers), for example, offers a vendor assessment process that takes you through these steps:

New Pressures on Financial Services to Provide Outstanding Service

Post on August 29, 2013 by Ehab Samy

The financial services sector is rallying in more ways than purely economic these days. With many firms using older CRM technology, productivity is still an issue and many FS organizations are investigating ways to upgrade their technology to better serve both customers and employees.

Measuring Performance is the Key to Financial Success

Post on July 26, 2013 by Lisa Weir

"In every line of business there's some kind of metric that someone uses to gauge how they're performing and whether to judge success or failure," says Jing Suk, VP/director of strategy and analysis at Digitas and an adjunct professor at Rutgers Business School.

In today’s competitive marketplace, improved business practices can be the difference between success and failure, and measurement of them is key. It’s imperative to have a 360 degree view of every department at all times. One key area is financial reporting.

It's Only Data Unless You Use It

Post on June 26, 2013 by Mike Comello

"It’s only data unless you use it” - this was a theme of a customer led talk at our 2013 Aptean Edge conference held in May.  It seems many MES vendors and MES consumers are thinking about this as well given the recent topic “Are Manufacturer’s Data Rich but Information Poor” on the LinkedIn MES discussion forum.

Aptean Announces the Release of Intuitive ERP Version 8.6

Post on June 20, 2013 by Jim Stenner

We’re pleased to announce the release of Intuitive v8.6!  This latest version of Intuitive ERP centers mainly around major functionality enhancements in the RMA and Approvals areas, and contains enhancements in several other areas as well.  In addition, v8.6 positions Intuitive to begin the beta process for a new standard reporting tool, with the goal to convert all standard reports to the new architecture within the next year.

1 - 10 of 30 Results
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