Supply Chain

Discrete manufacturers are constantly looking at the supply chain: suppliers, the cost of transportation, increasing global competition, and more demand. The goal is to drive efficiency while maintaining excellent customer service and profitability—a delicate balance. These manufacturers need technology that fits the unique needs of their industries to help them attain those goals and keep that balance.

ISupply Chain

In discrete manufacturing, managing costs by streamlining processes while maintaining excellent customer service is the key to being competitive. The goal is to find new levels of efficiency and profitability through inventory reductions, increased productivity, and reduced lead times. The entire supply chain must be working in synch to make this happen, and there need to be tools in place to catch issues before they become bigger problems.

Aptean understands the needs and challenges of the manufacturing industry. We offer a suite of technology solutions to help discrete manufacturers to meet their unique requirements for proactively managing their business processes, throughout the supply chain:

How Aptean helps you in Supply Chain Management

A smoothly running supply chain is the backbone of any manufacturer. Supply chain management software gives you insight into your chain and the tools you need to make it work for you. Aptean’s SCM software solutions will help you to automate your processes, eliminate inefficiencies, and gain the visibility you need in order to detect and respond to fluctuations. 

IMI Supply Chain

Who it’s for

IMI Supply Chain is for companies regarding dynamic supply chain management as a key competitive advantage. With high-volume distribution for real-time control of multi-enterprise, multi-channel, multi-language and multi-currency requirements, IMI’s architecture provides for extremely reliable and scalable transaction handling.

How it’s different

Unlike many SCM software solutions, IMI is engineered to solve high volume, complex supply chain challenges and offers a cost-effective, low-risk and rapid implementation that will automate and optimize every operation inside and across your warehouses and fulfillment processes.

Why you need it

IMI is packed with features that will help you collaborate with your partners and give them the tools they need to do better work for you and vice versa:

  • Anticipate your customers’ demand and respond quickly with planning and forecasting.
  • Looking to process web orders? Multi channel order management is supported by our ecommerce store front and IMI Warehouse Management (iWMS). The iWMS uses advanced algorithms to mathematically organize and optimize warehouse operations through system directed tasks, from receiving to shipping, delivering productivity gains in inventory, labor, physical space, time and costs.
  • Leverage IMI’s transportation management and flow-through capabilities, and your products can be shipped from your suppliers' loading dock to your retail stores or end consumers – saving you even more time and money.
  • IMI’s event management framework alerts you to issues in real-time so you can take the appropriate steps to resolve the situation.
  • With a single, consistent, real-time view of your entire global supply chain, IMI’s analytics tools give you greater inventory control to lower safety stock levels, and select the optimal fulfillment channels to reduce cycle times.

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How Aptean helps you in Business Intelligence

Discrete manufacturing is dependent on the supply chain, so business intelligence is a key weapon in any manufacturer’s arsenal. However, most business intelligence software is “generic”—not designed with the needs of the supply chain in mind, so manufacturers often run blind in many areas. These companies need a BI solution that will provide them with the visibility they need not only across the entire organization, but across the supply chain to ensure they are making the most intelligent decisions possible. Aptean Analytics was built with those companies in mind.

Aptean Analytics

Who it’s for

Aptean Analytics delivers the perfect combination of specialization, simplicity and actionable data for companies that want true visibility into their operations. Powered by industry-leader QlikView and delivered in a user-friendly format, Aptean Analytics will help you drive decisions with the right amount of data provided in the right way.

How it’s different

Aptean Analytics is powered by the industry-leading QlikView platform. With more than 30,000 customers across the globe, QlikView drives real decisions by providing actionable insight through a Business Discovery capability. Business Discovery enables users to dig further into data associations from any number of data sources. By combining this unique capability with a fully mobile-enabled and widget-based platform, QlikView puts the power of the platform in the hands of any user, anywhere.

Why you need it

Data is only good if you can use it. This sounds simple, but businesses understand the underlying truth in this message. The challenge is taking a seemingly infinite amount of data and making it usable in a short period of time. Powered by analytics leader QlikView, Aptean Analytics delivers ready-to-use graphical dashboards designed for your business that allow you to easily spot and resolve any business issues, from profitability to the sales pipeline. And perhaps most importantly, those dashboards are geared toward any organization and any user, not just data analysts. They take away the complexity typically associated with traditional Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. Aptean Analytics serves up data in straightforward charts, tables, dashboards, and other advanced visuals.

Coupling industry-leading analytics and business intelligence with time-tested enterprise solutions provides a powerful, specialized toolset that enables you to manage your business efficiently and gain insight into challenges and opportunities that may exist.

How Aptean Helps You in Data Integration and Monitoring

The ability to understand today and predict the future is an advantage. You need technology to help you sense and respond to business events faster, while proactively shaping your business future. Many enterprise systems generate alerts to help you identify trends and react to processes that are outside the normal range. For maximum business impact, however, you need a comprehensive view—a perspective on events that are, or will soon be, affecting your organization.

Event Management Framework

Who it’s for

For organizations that require an enterprise-wide view into business issues that can escalate into material problems, Aptean’s Event Management Framework (EMF) monitors systems across the organization to provide a ‘big picture’ view of the events that affect your business and alerts you to anomalies for swift resolution.

How it’s different

Many enterprise systems generate alerts to help you identify trends and react to processes that are outside the normal range. For maximum business impact, however, you need a comprehensive view – a perspective on events that are, or will soon be, affecting your organization. Event Management Framework is designed to provide actionable insight into events across your business. Easily linked with your existing systems and configured to generate alerts in the format you choose, Event Management Framework is a one-stop shop for your alerting requirements.

Why you need it

An organization with state-of-the-art risk management across the enterprise is always a step ahead of the competition. EMF oversees and provides peace of mind so that companies can focus on growth and providing outstanding customer service. EMF combs through vast data from various sources and flags issued based on pre-set parameters. The EMF early-warning system provides notifications through a variety of communications channels, allowing you to run a more agile organization and quickly react and resolve events that could threaten business. It enables you to predict and react to events in any enterprise system, delivering targeted information to the appropriate organizational departments via automated notifications. 

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