Working together to serve our customers.

The technology that drives true business value is technology that is interoperable, thoughtfully-deployed and diligently maintained. It takes deep industry expertise, local knowledge, and proven experience to leverage technology as a differentiator.

At Aptean, we foster privileged relationships with the makers of industry-standard technologies, experts in systems integration, and the locally-based professionals you rely on to maintain your organization’s technology. Our solutions are built to let you take advantage of standards you already know and trust, and our partners will be there to help you achieve maximum success.

Explore our partner opportunities

Channel Partners

Our channel partners sell our solutions alongside their value-added services, complementary solutions and local support capabilities. Whether they’re your go-to technology partner already or you’re seeking local expertise on our solutions, these partners are your trusted source.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

Our OEM partners share a common desire to bring you the best solutions. We seamlessly incorporate best-of-breed capabilities from these partners into our customer-driven solutions.

Technology Partners

These partners are the makers of the industry-standard technologies and applications you likely use every day. We work closely with these leaders to give you faster deployments, tight integration, and greater interoperability.

Consulting and Systems Integration Partners

Our consulting and systems integration partners implement our technology as part of a complete business solution for you. They give you the support you need throughout the complex process of planning, implementing, and managing new technology.

Franchise Partners

Aptean franchise partners are organizations we invest in to help grow our mutual business success in high-growth markets such as Latin America, India, China, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe.

Do you want to become an Aptean partner?

We recognize the vital role our partners play in our business. Our partner programs provide a strong foundation of support and collaboration that fosters value and mutual business success. For more information, e-mail