Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

Only the best of the best are included in our solutions

Every industry has domain experts who provide uniquely valuable products or services. We work with our original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partners to bring these special capabilities into the solutions you use every day.

Original equipment manufacturer partners include:

Pilgrim Software

Quality Management Software to help you assess risk, compliance and quality management. Pilgrim Software simplifies management duties.


eBizNET provides Software Solutions in a SaaS or on-demand environment, for supply chain communities, supporting all the trading partners in a supply chain ecosystem.


SERVICEPower delivers best-in-class service operations to a wide variety of clients in multiple industries. Our solutions and services greatly improve customer and employee satisfaction, and drive top and bottom line growth by improving productivity and eliminating waste within the service operation.

Allyn Technology Group

Developed GridMobility; a technology company that enables utilities, power balancing authorities (ISOs, RTOs), commercial and residential power customers to significantly increase their consumption of renewable energy and reduce energy costs.

On Asset

On Asset Intelligence is a leading service provider of remote monitoring and freight intelligence solutions. We provide Global, Real-Time, Covert Monitoring & Tracking for High Value Freight.


MIR3 is the premiere provider of Intelligent Notification and response software for business operations, including crisis management, IT service management, corporate communications, customer relations, supply chain management and event management.


Aravo is the leader in supplier information management, supply chain management, supply chain risk management, supplier relationship management.


Loftware is the foremost authority and market software leader in delivering innovative business solutions for meeting a company’s global labeling requirements.


rfXcel is the leading provider of real-time supply chain optimization solutions. rfXcel provides solutions for the Life Sciences and Retail/CPG supply chains that solve today’s real-time business problems, while providing a platform for future RFID and serialized technologies.

CompuSoft Development

CompuSoft Development has been writing accounting and MRP software since 1993 (then known as CompuSoft Management Company) for the manufacturing and distribution sectors. Makers of the industry-leading BI tool Synoptix. 

Higher Logic

Higher Logic's mission is to provide the constituents of not-for-profits innovative ways to think together and build trusted communities where interactive communication and information exchange can occur. By offering software products that allow people to contribute, share, and collaborate, Higher Logic delivers solutions to not-for-profits looking to preserve their organizational value and attract a new generation of global members.