Industry Solutions

Competitive Advantage through Industry Experience

For more than 30 years, Aptean has been delivering enterprise software solutions that address the strategic and operational business needs of a wide range of industries. We understand your industry challenges and use this knowledge to create the solutions you need to remain competitive today – and tomorrow. Take advantage of new opportunities as they strike with our industry-specific knowledge and innovative products.

Aptean Industries

Associations and NFPs

For associations and non-profits, creating great relationships with members is shaped by timely and relevant communication. Aptean offers applications that develop operating efficiencies, support member relationships, and enable interaction between members. From dynamic websites to online shopping carts, increase engagement with your members through a host of innovative solutions for your business.


Simplify and unlock efficiencies in your production process. Aptean have solutions that provide real time information on your production operations and per unit costs. Today’s top automotive manufacturers rely on us to deliver enhanced productivity and quality, product innovation, and effective supply chain collaboration. Our solutions have created millions of dollars in savings for buyer and suppliers and can help you drive actionable results.


Chemical companies have specific needs. You must contend with product costing and profitability, changing customer requirements, and managing compliance issues. That’s why we created solutions to help you streamline your processes, maximize relationships with your customers, and trade globally with confidence.

Computers and Electronics

Aptean understands the demands of the computers and electronics industry. Faced with shifting management and system costs, international pressures, and tight deadlines for product development, there are no second chances. We have solutions that address these demands, letting you create stronger relationships with your customers, improve your product development process, and enhance efficiencies across your organization. 

Consumer Packaged Goods

Manufacturers of consumer packed goods face continual pressure to manage external and internal challenges. Retailer requirements, distribution management, compliance, and regionalized regulations are just some of those pressures. Our solutions offer real time environment reporting to optimize resource allocation and boost expanded margins. Across your organization, we can deliver the right suite of services to meet your requirements and deliver rapid results.


For students today, innovative learning is not only important, it’s essential. We provide a comprehensive solution that streamlines the process of customer relationship management, feedback management, and ecommerce to help you automate, standardize, and perfect your student and alumni-facing processes. If you need an all-encompassing system to help reduce costs and human resource requirements, we have the solution that addresses your needs.

Financial Services

In order to better serve their customers, financial services organizations require technology that consistently delivers results. With our software, world class financial institutions can take advantage of scalable solution that put these key customer relationships at the core of your organizational strategy. Stronger relationships with high value customers significantly impacts business revenue - improving your results and achieving your business goals. 

Food and Beverage

Aptean recognizes the importance of understanding your business to boost factory performance. Our food and beverage applications deliver real-time information to reduce costs, manage ever-changing compliance requirements, and preserve safety and quality. From our industry focused staff to our innovative technologies, we are with you every step of the way to promote safety, quality, compliance, and profitability. 


Now, more than ever, government organizations are expected to deliver services that are accessible, accountable, and tailored to community relations. Using our customer relationship management, response management, and/or fund accounting solutions, you can gain a better overview on citizens and your budget, and then respond quickly to requests. Find out how we can improve your customer relations and service levels, increase your productivity, and provide key industry insights. 

Health Payers

Today’s health insurance plan members have unprecedented choice. They are willing to shop around to find the best solution that is based on an insightful, customized service experience. Aptean’s solutions systematize and automate your sales, marketing, underwriting, enrolment, and renewal of individual and group health insurance plans. At every point of the service experience, we can help increase your member retention rates, improve your productivity, and address your unique challenges.

Home Building and Real Estate

With today’s current market conditions, home builders must be proactive to remain competitive. Our technology gives you a clear understanding of operational performance, deep insight into the needs and preferences of your customers, and marketing tools to deliver exceptional customer service – all while streamlining your key business processes. Regardless of your real estate focus, our tools capture the right buying experience for your clients, building trust that creates meaningful long term relationships.

IT Managed Service Providers

The dynamic nature of the services industry creates a very challenging business environment for companies to survive and maintain costs. Aptean offers a wide range of Non-Linear Growth solutions that ensure optimal productivity and efficiency coupled with accurate and timely information for business success. Aptean's Shift-Left strategy is focused on solving business problems even before they occur; giving the paradigm of operational efficiency a whole new definition!

Life Sciences

The pharmaceutical and life sciences industry is heavily monitored and regulated. Aptean recognizes the importance of managing the complex and ever-changing requirements of global and regional regulations. Our scalable solutions transform your business through the entire product development lifecycle – supporting innovation and security, while endorsing safety and fostering compliance. Our reporting can support your operational effectiveness, highlight tracking and tracing, and uncover operational efficiencies to boost your business profitability.

Medical Devices

One of the biggest challenges facing medical device manufacturers is the tracking of volumes of information about manufacturing operations, supply chains, and office processes. Our industry experience addresses these challenges by offering a holistic view of your business, from manufacturing to marketing and selling your device. Increased productivity through communication and collaboration, enhanced forecasting and improved efficiency in your workflow are just some of the advantages experienced by our medical device clients. 


Efficiency is the key focus of the metals industry. With changing conditions and the constraints of regulatory concerns, competition, and cost containment, Aptean addresses these challenges through solutions that build success. Our innovative technologies help metals companies, both large and small, manage finances and stay competitive and focused on customer satisfaction - resolving inefficiencies in workflows and generating bottom line results that exceed your expectations. 

Natural Products

Today, natural product manufacturers must confront the pressures of global competition, smaller margins, and commoditization head-on. Managing these pressures to maintain your competitive edge is essential. Leveraging solutions created by Aptean can help your business become more agile to customer demands while streamlining your operations to deliver high quality products. Our knowledge of the market can drive faster market implementation while promoting compliance and profitability for you.

Professional and Business Services

Information about customers and their requirements help our professional and business services clients make smarter decisions. Through our integrated platform and applications, we can help you understand your most important asset: your customers. With this focus, you can improve your risk management and identify potential sales and marketing opportunities, including cross-selling and referrals, sooner through standardized business processes that help you deliver high service levels. 


In publishing, the small details matter. We help you create meaningful interactions with your customers by supporting regular communication that is clear, consistent, and relevant. Our technology can improve your business processes across marketing, sales, and customer service to improve collaboration, driving results for both your customers and your organization. 


Synchronizing logistics and online and offline retail sales can have a significant impact for our clients in the retail industry. From warehouse distribution to event management applications, aligning key information about products, retail channels, and supply chains can add up to enhanced profit margins and efficiencies. Our retail solutions can drive more in-store and online sales through efficient processes and targeted technologies.

Senior Living

With the dynamic shift toward the aging population, opportunities to deliver better health care services for the senior living industry abound. To remain competitive, senior living operators need solutions to address health care costs while supporting target occupancy levels. Our comprehensive and flexible sales and marketing systems can help you manage administrative processes while offering insights into personalized service levels that drive enhanced profitability and quality customer care. 


Telecommunications organizations understand that with a highly competitive market, services need to be customized across the entire network. To meet these demands, Aptean can support you through integrated customer and location services to boost deployment and competitiveness. Responsiveness, flexibility, and efficiency are driven by automated and integrated solutions supporting your network infrastructure so you remain competitive in the marketplace. 


Managing inventory processes and warehouse operations are just some of the daunting challenges faced by third party logistics (3PL) providers. Our solutions find opportunities to improve fulfillment strategies as well as warehouse and transportation applications to maintain economies of scale. Our experience can help you manage fulfillment services and adjust for volume requirements to improve customer relations and navigate the complexities of global trade.

Travel and Leisure

Meeting and exceeding your customers’ expectations is paramount for businesses in the travel and leisure industry. With our solutions, you can consolidate and centralize all pertinent information about your customers so you can deliver service levels that transform the customer experience. The result is relevant, real time information that offers insight to improve your services, generate conversions, and drive profitability.


Utility companies face many distinct but important challenges. Competition and retaining customers continue to be at the top of the list of priorities. Our utility solutions streamline processes to help you more effectively address issues around customer expectations, automate complaints and feedback management, and improve business processes.

Wholesale Distribution

Wholesale distributors require the synchronization of warehouse and transportation to meet demand. At every step of the way, our flexible solutions improve order processes in purchasing, sales, and reverse logistics – resulting in enhanced customer service and reduced inventory costs.