Consumer Packaged Goods


Pressure to manage costs and increase productivity continues to build. Meeting external challenges – such as retailer-specific demands, regionalized requirements and complex compliance regulations is increasingly critical. Consumer packaged goods manufacturers are deploying our software solutions to achieve expanded margins, real-time operational transparency and optimized resources while ensuring safety and quality. With solutions for global trade, customer relationship management, financial management, manufacturing and distribution, our suite of applications gives you a unique competitive edge whether you are a single plant or a multi-national organization. Discover the rapid results we can deliver across your organization from manufacturing to direct sales.

Learn how our unique capabilities support your Consumer Packaged Goods organization

Enterprise Resource Planning

Get stronger, smarter and faster when you take firm control of your finances, including managing costing down to the ingredient level. Finance, Manufacturing and Distribution modules.

Customer Relationship Management

Maximize revenue-generating opportunities, improve the accuracy of orders, collaborate with distributors and partners, and provide unrivaled customer service.

Global Trade Management

Increase your supply chain visibility while you keep up with ever-changing import and export regulations and rules.

Other products & solutions: