Health Payers


Today’s health insurance plan members have unprecedented choice. As in any other aspect of life, members can shop around, find the healthcare payer that best suits their needs and freely move from one payer to another. To complicate matters, dated paper-based administrative processes are still common, making nimble member management more challenging. That’s why our comprehensive solutions enable you to automate sales, marketing, underwriting, enrollment, and renewal of individual and group health insurance plans. Serve and manage your brokers, members, and employer groups with unprecedented efficiency and effectiveness. If you are working hard to increase your member retention rates, we have a solution to your challenge.

Learn how our unique capabilities support your Health Payers organization

Automate your completed member lifecycle to reduce your costs and dramatically improve your member retention rate.

Enterprise Feedback Management

Let your customers directly register feedback, including complaints, and track the progress and status of the issue through your website.

Customer Relationship Management

Comprehensive, integrated, industry-specific capabilities that increase insight into operational performance, streamline processes across the value chain, and improve responsiveness to customer demands.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation lets marketers harness their data to conduct segmented, personalized electronic communications quickly and cost-effectively across multiple channels.

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