IT Managed Service Providers

The dynamic nature of the services industry creates a very challenging business environment for companies to survive and maintain costs. Following a complacent traditional strategy to achieve success does not work very well in the current competitive landscape. Increasing the headcount in proportion to business revenue has become a thing of the past. With the advent of new technologies, improved communication and globalization, the services industry is obligated to think beyond headcounts and move from cost-arbitrage based models to other transformational models that add value. It has become increasingly important for companies to detach headcount from performance to achieve sustainable growth.

Aptean offers a wide range of Non-Linear Growth solutions that ensure optimal productivity and efficiency coupled with accurate and timely information for business success. Aptean's Shift-Left strategy is focused on solving business problems even before they occur; giving the paradigm of operational efficiency a whole new definition!

IT Managed Service Providers

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Desktop Automation Solutions for Non-Linear Growth

In today's customer support environment, efficiency is the key to success. Customers demand speed-of light knowledgeable service and technical support. In the face of constant pressure to cut costs, companies are looking to maximize the quality of their support. Aptean's end-point automation solutions prevent known issues at the desktop before an end-user even knows they exist. By integrating people, process and technology, Aptean helps organizations in optimizing service and support offerings in the right sense!

Unified Knowledge Platform for Driving Efficiencies

Economic fluctuations poses several challenges to the IT industry. When an organization downsizes, critical knowledge and intellectual capital is lost. When business picks up it often picks up quickly. It is difficult to hire and train fast enough to maintain a satisfactory level of performance using traditional methods. Knowledge management provides an efficient way to deal with growth by providing a system for capturing and reusing knowledge.

Self-Healing Mechanism for Call Elimination

Aptean offers an effective Self-Healing system where problems can be automatically diagnosed and solved based on a predictive Self-Healing architecture. The system identifies underlying faults/defects and takes corrective actions to fix the problems itself, thereby eliminating calls to the help desk. This model is scalable, extensible and can be deployed across systems to optimize operational efficiency, reduce costs and save time and effort.

Self-Service Mechanism for Call Deflection

Aptean recognizes that customers prefer taking charge of situations themselves rather than relying on a third party interaction to solve issues. In an era where 'Customer empowerment' and 'Help yourself' are the common buzz words, Aptean solutions offer a whole range of tools that can be used by customers themselves to find accurate answers conveniently and immediately. This approach drastically reduces issue resolution time and help desk calls. The Self-Service system empowers the user both online and offline support options.

Assisted Service for Improved Efficiency

Aptean solutions use advanced technology that enable the identification and resolution of technical issues from off-site locations. Users can dynamically connect to the service desk analysts and avail quick, timely, accurate answers to their questions. With Aptean's assisted service tool you can enjoy the flexibility of capturing and re-using data pertaining to every transaction. This approach improves the timeliness and quality of customer service, boosts responsiveness and First Call Resolution (FCR) rates, minimizes related costs and provides healthy ROI.

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