Medical Devices Manufacturing


Based on our experience in implementing and deploying solutions for Medical Device manufacturers, we are uniquely qualified to address the key business drivers and challenges you face every day. Solutions include capabilities to help you streamline your customer management, manufacturing operations, supply chain, global trade and back office processes. Plus, you’ll gain a single, unified, 360-degree view that establishes better communication and collaboration between departments, divisions, teams, and business users, resulting in marked productivity gains, a shorter sales cycle, and improved quality of customer interaction. If you are trying to take your products to market faster and better, we have a solution to your challenge.

Learn how our unique capabilities can support your Medical Devices Manufacturing organization

Social CRM

Embeds functionality into your existing Pivotal CRM system that enables you to easily use Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to find relationships, manage events, find leads, and more - uncovering the practical business value of social media channels.

CRM for Medical Device Manufacturers

Pivotal CRM for Medical Device Manufacturers is designed to address the key business drivers and challenges you face every day. The solution includes capabilities for territory and role management, relationship management, quoting and contract management, event management, and marketing automation.

Enterprise Feedback Management

Let your customers directly register feedback, including complaints, and track the progress and status of the issue through your website.

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