Professional and Business Services


How would you like to have an integrated platform and applications to support the unique requirements of your professional and business services? By managing client information through these powerful solutions, you gain a single, unified view that facilitates collaboration and helps target additional revenue streams. Plus, you can be seamlessly connected to the entire organization and intuitively using standardized business processes to reliably deliver a high level of service.

Learn how our unique capabilities support your Professional or Business Services organization

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation lets marketers harness their data to conduct segmented, personalized electronic communications quickly and cost-effectively across multiple channels.

Customer Relationship Management

Maximize revenue-generating opportunities, improve the accuracy of orders, collaborate with distributors and partners, and provide unrivaled customer service.

Social CRM

Embeds functionality into your existing Pivotal CRM system that enables your users to easily use Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook for useful activities such as finding relationships, managing events, finding leads, and more, uncovering the practical business value of social media channels.

Other products & solutions: