The time to drive revenue through multiple sales channels is now. The emphasis on synchronizing online and offline retail sales programs and global logistics for improved efficiency and better profit margins is more prevalent than ever before. Retailers are taking advantage of their products, brand awareness and existing web traffic by integrating supply chain, warehouse and resource planning solutions with eCommerce and retail channels. Aptean's retail solutions portfolio facilitates the ability to leverage business infrastructure to drive more online and in-store sales and higher average cart values through streamlined processes and flexible technologies.

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Enterprise Resource Planning

Get stronger, smarter and faster when you take firm control of your finances, including managing costing down to the ingredient level.  Best-in-class tracking and tracing. Inventory management to expiration dates.

Supply Chain Management

Retail merchandisers, whether shipping from distribution centers to their own stores or utilizing other replenishment models, are under enormous competitive pressure to introduce more appealing, reliable and inexpensive products—and get them to market in record time.

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