Senior Living


The fundamentals driving the senior living industry such as the aging of the population and the need to better manage health care costs will continue to provide strong demand for senior living services. Still, senior-living operators face challenges in maintaining target occupancy levels while minimizing sales and marketing costs. We provide comprehensive sales and marketing systems designed specifically for the senior-living industry. Take advantage of our flexible solutions and deep industry expertise to help drive better services and profitability in your business.

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Customer Relationship management

A comprehensive sales and marketing system designed specifically for the senior-living industry. Take advantage of tools made to help you integrate the activities of your sales and marketing team for greater sales effectiveness.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation lets marketers harness their data to conduct segmented, personalized electronic communications quickly and cost-effectively across multiple channels.

Social CRM

Embeds functionality into your existing Pivotal CRM system that enables your users to easily use Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook for useful activities such as finding relationships, managing events, finding leads, and more, uncovering the practical business value of social media channels.

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