In today's competitive world of wireless communications, infrastructure suppliers are expected to provide full turnkey services—that is, to build, deliver, and operate the entire network. To satisfy market demand and remain competitive, timely and rapid network deployment is a key factor in successful projects. We support you with specific applications to automate and integrate the business processes of deploying mobile and wireless networks. This is the ultimate workflow-based project management solution that enables telecommunications businesses to plan, design, build, deliver, and support network infrastructures more efficiently while reducing operational costs.

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Sales Force Automation

Pivotal CRM for Sales is a complete sales force automation (SFA) solution that gives salespeople the tools they need to focus their efforts and maximize their selling time, while empowering sales managers to effectively manage and forecast sales.

Customer Relationship Management

Efficient tracking of projects such as scheduled user activities, completion of milestones/tasks, tracking of network assets, and site equipment configuration, as well as managing complex relationships with your business partners.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation lets marketers harness their data to conduct segmented, personalized electronic communications quickly and cost-effectively across multiple channels.

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