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In your business, customer satisfaction and the experience you deliver are paramount. After all, your customers have an expectation of enjoying your products and services. Our customers have improved performance and positively impacted the bottom line by putting real-time information into the hands of key employees, and have transformed their business operations to take market share from the competition. We give you solutions to understand the full 360 degree view of your customer so you can serve them better and more profitably.

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Enterprise Feedback Management

Let your customers directly register feedback, including complaints, and track the progress and status of the issue through your website.

Social CRM

Embeds functionality into your existing Pivotal CRM system that enables your users to easily use Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook for useful activities such as finding relationships, managing events, finding leads, and more, uncovering the practical business value of social media channels.

Marketing Automation

Create marketing campaigns that are segmented, personalized, measurable and adaptive across the multiple channels in your marketing mix.

Customer Relationship Management

Maximize revenue-generating opportunities, improve the accuracy of orders, collaborate with distributors and partners, and provide unrivaled customer service.

Other products & solutions: