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Desktop Automation Solutions by Aptean

Today's dynamic IT environment presents vast collection of components that requires constant monitoring and management - Hardware, Middleware, Application, Database, Transactions and Operating system. In a typical IT organization operators and administrators can spend the day from one console to another and logging onto one agent after another trying to track down information they need to ensure high performance and availability. Managing this kind of composite complex IT environment requires a complete solution that helps organizations track issues at multiple levels, drill down into problem areas to rapidly diagnose and resolve problems.

In a constantly evolving IT environment that is seeing exponential growth in the number of users, the assortment of devices, and the complexity of technology, support is often caught playing 'catch up'. As the services sector matures and approaches the saturation point it tends to become difficult for companies to enjoy the same growth rate as experienced in the past. The concept of increasing headcount in proportion to revenue growth seems to make less sense when there is a continuous need to offer multiple value-added services to the customers. Naturally any increase in headcount, to increase the revenue, starts to result in a fall in productivity coupled with a drain on profit; the reason being the application of the law of diminishing returns, in economic parlance. The growth, the company has hitherto achieved remains linear.

Aptean's standardized offerings work silently in the background to identify and avert issues while users are blissfully unaware and enjoy uninterrupted productive time. When users do face issues, more often than not, they can fix them conveniently on their own without contacting Help Desk. Analysts can then focus on resolving other, more complex issues efficiently. The radical movement from addressing problems after they occur, to anticipating and fixing problems before they originate forms the core of Shift-Left Strategy. Effectively, this means that even as your business and the number of users grow, it is not necessary to add a proportionate number of Help Desk personnel to support the growing number of users. We call this Non-Linear Growth.

Desktop Automation

Desktop Automation Solutions by Aptean

Desktop Automation Solution Benefits

Despite making huge investments, enterprises are constantly on the edge in a bid to satisfy the diverse support needs of their customers. Customers, in turn, are knowledgeable and demanding; they want to be in the driver's seat in all their interactions. The swift resolution of each support exchange is crucial to the success of the support solution. Aptean's Automation platform offer top-of-the-line solutions that are adapted to user's unique needs, so that customers 'experience', rather than 'use' your services.

Rather than having an analyst attend every issue faced by users, our Shift-Left strategy attempts to move diagnostics and resolution away from the help desk and closer to the user.

Benefits include:

  • Call Elimination by Self-Healing solutions those are proactive and invisible. They reduce dependency on help desks by finding and resolving PC issues even before users get to know they have them.
  • Call Deflection by Self-Service solutions that consist of Self-help tools, coupled with knowledge databases that assimilate data about system behavior, assist users to troubleshoot problems independently without placing a support call.
  • Improved efficiency and delighted customers through Assisted Service solutions consisting of advanced support tools. These tools enables the analyst to reduce errors, solve complex issues faster, process more calls, and in the bargain, create satisfied customers.

Aptean solutions are built to offer superior value to customers and enhance end-user experience. Our solutions can be:

  • Easily deployed
  • Easily integrated
  • Reduce downtime
  • Offer proactive vs. reactive support
  • Offer Self-service options
  • Reduce onsite visits
  • Enhance analyst capabilities
  • Boost operational efficiency
  • Reduce costs
  • Offer growth opportunities
  • Act as one-stop shop for addressing PC issues
  • And more importantly create delighted customers


Aptean is a leading provider of breakthrough Endpoint Automation solutions. With several patented technology offerings, Aptean ensures optimal productivity and efficiency coupled with accurate and timely information for business success. Aptean's Shift-Left strategy focuses at solving problems even before they occur and helps businesses redefine IT service delivery by optimizing support channels and resources. With Aptean's Non-Linear Growth solutions, our customers can optimize the quality of their IT services, easily showcase the value IT delivers to the business and reduce costs. The advanced capabilities of our solution allows your organization to build on core competencies and spend less time worrying about PC problems. Aptean analyses assets, applications and its dependencies, it isolates problems and maps problems with solutions and works with you through the adoption process. Our end-to end approach ensures that you fully utilize investment in Aptean solutions. Today Aptean customers are able to view and resolve PC problems in virtual environment even with varied set of integrated applications. As customers implement new initiatives such as virtualization, cloud computing etc. to create a dynamic and flexible infrastructure, Aptean is ready to support current and future needs of the customers!