Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software Applications by Aptean

Aptean knows enterprise resource planning software (ERP systems). With more than 4,000 ERP customers and 11 ERP software applications, Aptean has a solution to meet a broad range of needs for both small and large enterprises. Each of our ERP software applications is built to align with the best practices and core challenges of the manufacturing industry, with each ERP system providing deep functional fit within niche markets across both discrete and process manufacturing environments. Based on our highly-tuned customer-driven development practices as well as our rich history of expertise developing ERP for manufacturers, Aptean has the solutions, people and processes that will support you in upgrading your current ERP system to address evolving business needs.


ERP Software Benefits

ERP software solutions automate and support a range of administrative and operational business processes, including line-of-business, customer-facing, administrative and asset management functions. Companies evaluating and comparing ERP solutions are typically upgrading a current system that is either homegrown, outgrown, or a poor fit. Their goals? To achieve IT and operational cost savings; tackle process gaps and inefficiencies with the help of a vendor or industry consultant; and reinvent the business in such a way that it makes room for innovation and improved customer service.

ERP is truly enterprise-wide, and if implemented properly, can have astounding ROI across every functional area:

  • Your finance team: Finally gains integration with operations, including accurate costing, and real-time reporting.
  • Your engineering team: Eliminates the hand entering of part numbers and BOM’s through CAD integrations.
  • Your manufacturing team: Has complete visibility and control of orders, materials, capacity and quality with a complete integration between planning and execution.
  • Your customer service team: Can grow your customer base by quickly generating accurate quotes, custom-configuring products at the point of sale, assigning special pricing, and promising accurate delivery dates.
  • Your supply chain team: Gains real-time communication with your partners and vendors to meld planning, scheduling, production and delivery into a seamless, dependable process.
  • Your management team: Can eradicate reactive decision-making, and use real-time data to proactively manage the metrics that matter to your operation.

Why Aptean?

Beyond executive buy-in and committing resources to the project, one of the fundamental keys to a successful ERP implementation is putting the selection and implementation in the hands of business users. When functional owners begin to weigh in on what’s important, which is the grounds for both the selection and the success of the implementation, the project becomes less about price and technology and more about functional fit. Aptean’s enterprise resource planning software solutions are designed for deep functional fit at the micro-vertical industry level and are also highly customizable in order to more closely align with the business processes that give you a competitive advantage. Our product experts, services teams and support personnel have the experience and tenure to guide you toward best practices within very specific segments of manufacturing.

Some of our vertical solutions cover:
  • Dynamic, mixed-mode discrete manufacturing environments, such as industrial and commercial machinery or fabricated metals.
  • Formula-based manufacturing environments, such as food and beverage and pharmaceuticals.
  • Manufacturing for regulated industries, such as electronics, medical devices, aviation and others.
  • Metal, wire and cable manufacturing, as well as metal or steel service centers.
  • Multi- warehouse distribution with light manufacturing environments, such as retail and e-commerce.
  • Engineer-to-order, project-based manufacturing, such as transportation and equipment.
  • Printed circuit board manufacturing.
  • Process-based plastics manufacturing.
  • Aerospace and defense manufacturing.


Dow-Key Microwave

See how the world's largest manufacturer of electromechanical switches for radio frequency and microwave applications was able to improve control and quality throughout the company, saving approximately 50 hours per month in labor.

Tek Pak

Learn how this packaging manufacturer for the electronics industry used Made2Manage manufacturing software to achieve an 80 percent reduction in labor-tracking errors, improve inventory record accuracy to 75 percent and enhance visibility and shop floor control

Berner Food and Beverage, Inc.

Find out how this leading private label supplier of quality food and beverage products with a full line of dips and cheese sauces doubled its production, and continues to grow through the addition of new milk-based beverages to its product lines

Mission Pharmacal

Learn how this leading producer of pharmaceutical and nutritional products decreased both its time-to-market and traceability of products using Ross ERP.

The SI Group

See how this leading global chemical manufacturer of a wide range of products—including coating resins, adhesive resins, electronic and specialty chemicals and imaging products—reinforced its global leadership position through a rollout of Ross ERP worldwide.

AXYS Technologies, Inc.

See how AXYS Technologies, Inc., a designer, manufacturer and installer of remote environmental monitoring systems that measure aquatic, oceanic and atmospheric parameters, improved on-time shipment and invetory, bill of material and routing data accuracy—all while managing 15 percent annual growth


See how Williams-Pyro, manufacturer of weapons system test equipment to help service military aircraft, automatic stovetop fire suppressors, and products for the oil and gas industry, was able to improve their engineering release and change control saving countless hours of time, while having better visibility and control of inventory.


After implementing Axis ERP, Stripco, a producer of steel coils and strips, saw better costing information for decision support and management as well as improved production scheduling and control to better meet commitments and utilize company resources

Ulbrich Stainless Steel and Specialty Metals, Inc.

A leading specialty metals processor with 13major facilities worldwide, Ulbrich Stainless Steels & Specialty Metals, Inc. saw reduced IT costs and improved materials management and operations planning following its implementation of Axis ERP.

Pharma Nord

Finding the right balance between out-of-the-box functionality, platform flexibility and open source licensing lead this 500-person pharmaceutical company to Compiere. Their solution was initially implemented in 2002 and has evolved into a key system supporting their global expansion. As of 2008, Compiere manages inventory, ordering, shipments and accounting processes across more than 10,000 SKUs and through more than 50 subsidiaries and channel partners.