Finance & Administration

Aptean Enterprise Software Applications for Finance & Administration

The administrative departments of your business are the backbone of the organization — the behind-the-scenes workers on which all other functions depend. They’re expected to be there and simply work smoothly regardless of any internal issues or circumstances. Yet when there is an issue such as a software “problem,” the rest of the company has no patience to wait on a solution.

Aptean solutions in these departments are built to keep your behind-the-scenes functions behind-the-scenes so you can get on with the business of the organization.



Distributing critical information across multiple departments and systems, with staff relying on email attachments and spreadsheets to stay in the loop is a recipe for disaster. You need easy, secure access to up-to-date information to keep business running.

Aptean’s Ross Financial Management, delivers budgets and reports remarkably fast, in easy-to-understand formats that allow you to react and respond quickly. Ross enhances financial transparency and compliance with a centralized financial data warehouse; integrated reporting, planning, budgeting and forecasting; and
integrated GL analysis.

For government organizations Aptean offers 4-Gov Fund Accounting, a unique solution that allows you to effectively manage finances without the hassles of managing your own hardware. 4-Gov empowers you to:

  • Increase Accountability
  • Generate Dynamic Reports
  • Monitor Purchases from Start to Finish
  • Process Payroll
  • Offer Online Payment Options

Human Resources

The HR department is often trapped between the demands of company leadership and the need to keep employees happy. Disconnected point solutions and multiple documents repositories only make work harder and lead to dissatisfaction on both sides.

Aptean’s Platinum HRM is a scalable solution that streamlines the many functions and requirements of the human resources department. It includes core HR functions, such as benefits processing and attendance tracking, as well as extended programs, including succession planning and company assets management.

Information Technology

Has there ever been a department more maligned than IT? It’s too easy to blame every issue on something IT-related, and as you face tight budgets and headcount restrictions that threaten to reduce the quality of service, IT’s role is being expanded to be the single point of contact for both IT and non-IT issues.

You’ve probably heard that knowledge management can help, and that’s very true, but only if it’s a enterprise KM system designed to provide actual resolutions to issues, not simply a glorified search engine that links to long documents and papers that might provide answers deep inside.

Knova’s ITIL-compliant solutions transform disparate sources of IT information into a shareable knowledge resource that can be easily integrated into your case management system. Relevant answers are readily available to employees through agent-assisted support or self-service via an intranet or portal, enabling the help desk to improve contact resolution metrics, responsiveness and employee satisfaction, while lowering staff turnover.

SupportSoft is another solution in the Aptean tool chest that offers relief to busy IT departments, supporting many requirements of the ITIL framework across incident and problem management. SupportSoft enables you to support the desktop environment through comprehensive self-service assistance, online chat and real time configuration information to assist with investigation and diagnosis and support of service failure, ensuring that the service desk is efficient and effective