Sales & Marketing Software Solutions

Aptean Enterprise Software Applications for Sales & Marketing

Aptean sales & marketing solutions are for organizations that recognize the value of standing apart from the competition. Imagine a sales and marketing platform that allows you to impress your business upon it—protecting key business processes that differentiate you (and the quality of your service) from everyone else.

Aptean’s sales & marketing automation tools are designed to offer unrivaled flexibility and still provide powerful out-of-the-box capabilities—all while backed by some of the world’s most forward-thinking and customer-centric organizations—our customers.

Take your business to the next level with a technology partner that understands your business. With deep industry knowledge in a range of verticals, including financial services, government, education, home building and real estate, commercial products, automotive, professional services, chemicals, consumer products, energy, and manufacturing, Aptean's sales CRM software and automation tools can quickly bolster your sales and marketing operations to meet your goals.


Sales Customer Relationship Management Software

Aptean offers a number of customer relationship management tools that, by nature, are designed to give you a 360-degree view of your customers throughout their entire lifecycle, from the moment they hit your web site in curiosity, to when a support ticket triggers an upsell opportunity, to the date you last sent them a thank-you note for being a customer reference. All of Aptean’s CRM tools offer a strong set of sales and marketing features, designed to help you refine, automate, and streamline your sales process to accelerate the sales cycle, reduce administrative burden, and secure better sales results—all while tying them back to specific marketing programs in order to measure campaign effectiveness.

The sales and marketing features within Apetan’s CRM include:

  • Account Management
  • Relationship Management
  • Team and Solution Selling
  • Sales Team Management
  • Channel Management
  • Marketing Alignment
  • Email and Outlook Integration
  • Opportunity Management
  • Pipeline Management
  • Quotes & Proposals
  • Lead Management
  • Campaign Metrics
  • Workflow Process Automation
  • Intelligent Call Scripting
  • Social CRM
  • Mobile Sales
  • Analytics and Forecasting

Marketing Automation

Marketing has one of the most critical functions in any company: creating the relationship that results in a sale and feeding the pipeline that generates revenue. To achieve your goals as a marketer, you’re looking for access to customer and prospect data, tools that can pull on that data to create compelling, personalized
campaigns and, last but not least, reports that measure effectiveness and ROI.

Aptean’s offers marketing automation tools that readily integrate with our CRM applications to enrich marketing insight and performance. These tools extend the campaign history against customer or prospect records and put powerful email marketing and marketing automation capabilities at your fingertips, enabling you to make effective use of customer preferences.

Our marketing automation feature set allows you to:

  • Deliver performance insight and enable managers to maintain a clear view of their team’s marketing campaigns, from detailed campaign metrics such as open rates, click-throughs, and bounced emails, to leads, opportunities, and more.
  • Enable sales management to precisely model their desired sales methodology within the system.
  • Generate a higher volume of high-quality leads and help your teams get the tools they need to efficiently launch, manage, and monitor multiple targeted programs.
  • Deploy campaigns tailored to specific markets and personalized to recipients, resulting in higher response rates and more leads.


Johnson Controls

At the enterprise level, the Johnson Controls Building Efficiency business wanted the flexibility to make structural CRM changes without downtime or performance interruptions. Learn how they deployed Saratoga Thin Client – a ‘zero footprint’ solution with a modern, web-based interface and rich functionality - across 2800 users seamlessly, on time and on budget.

Farm Credit Services of America

Find out how Farm Credit Services of America customized Pivotal CRM to serve the financial services requirements of more than 60,000 farmers in the Midwest. Since deploying Pivotal and embracing an ‘’everyone for the customer’’ values system, Farm Credit Services of America’s assets have doubled and they have tripled their loan value.


This member-driven organization chose Pivotal over the pre-packaged solutions because it lent itself well to customization for their unique business processes. Learn how AAA has empowered the entire organization from travel agents to roadside assistance operators to become part of the sales efforts, and reduced call times while gaining productivity across the enterprise.


Selected for its ease of integration and its Microsoft base, Pivotal is being used by 3,000 sales agents and providing "early warning" signals to encourage proactive behavior, which has resulted in better service between the sales team and its customers. The ROI for the entire project was achieved in approximately 12 months.

Principal Financial

With Pivotal CRM, Principal created a strong sales pipeline that ensures all leads undergo a standard milestone process. Learn how over time, Principal began using Pivotal to drive deeper sales analyses, such as calculating closing ratios for individual sales reps and regions based on environmental, demographic and political data.

ASB Bank

Since 1847, ASB Bank has made a priority of harnessing technology to support expansion of both services and transactional volume of business. Leveraging Onyx provides ASB’s 3,000 staff users and 400 call centre operators an integrated, singular view for the more than one million active customers they track. It also enables staff to pursue targeted marketing activities, as the system triggers representatives to contact customers when relevant opportunities are flagged.

Contact Islington

Contact Islington, a 24x7 service center and local government authority, significantly improved survey ratings and call resolution percentages within 18 months of implementing Onyx OneServe Citizen Management—helping the center achieve the highest percentage rise in customer satisfaction in London.