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Aptean Enterprise Software Applications for Customer Service & Support

Coupling applications for customer relationship management (CRM), and knowledge management (KM) is the recipe for success in businesses that thrive on strong ties with customers expecting superior service and support. The functionality in our applications is based on years of experience and input from our customers following best practices and breaking new ground in their industries. Add applications for chat, remote control, proactive service and more, and you’ll soon see why Aptean customers are leaps and bounds ahead of their competitors when it comes to customer satisfaction.


CRM Solutions

The internet has empowered the consumer, making great customer service one of the last big differentiators. At the same time staffing constraints, limited IT resources and pressures to turn the contact center into a profit center make it harder to deliver even satisfactory service and support Aptean answers those challenges with Pivotal, Onyx and Saratoga software — flexible and configurable CRM management software solutions that allow you to manage relationships with a 360-degree view of everyone in the system, throughout the customer lifecycle. Areas of coverage include:

  • Sales Force Automation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Service Automation
  • Partner Automation
  • Social CRM
  • Mobile CRM

Aptean’s CRM solutions maximize your competitive advantage by giving you the ability to innovate and adapt to evolving business needs and market conditions across a broad range of industries, including financial services, government, education, home building and real estate, commercial products, automotive, professional services, chemicals, consumer products, energy, and manufacturing.

Knowledge Management Software

Customer service and support organizations are often drowning in knowledge —documentation, FAQs, case notes, release notes, shared drives and more. But most don’t have a single source to access that knowledge and find answers to the issues confronting them. Meanwhile frustrated customers are waiting in queues for solutions or using vanilla search tools to sift through documents on your website.

Aptean offers Knova knowledge management, and award winning application that pools enterprise knowledge and delivers patented search tools to access the right solutions quickly and accurately, even for complex queries. Knova puts resolutions at the fingertips of your staff, integrated with your CRM system — and your customers with intelligent, intuitive self-service.

And when an answer isn’t in the system yet, Aptean KM tools make it easy to author in the workflow, saving time and eliminating duplication of efforts. Aptean solutions are built around best practices, including KCS SM (Knowledge Centered Support) to support efficiencies, improve metric measurements and drive superior customer satisfaction for industries that have complex support needs such as high-tech, telecommunications, insurance and IT help desks.

eService Software

As customers look for the shortest route to solutions, they’re regularly turning to online channels for chat or remote assistance. Even when you’ve empowered them with knowledge-driven self-service there are those who want and need the next level of personalization, especially when it comes to desktop issues.

Aptean’s SupportSoft is a toolset that helps you engage and service those customers who use online channels to reach your support team. Once a customer is engaged in chat, these tools allow you to reach beyond a simple exchange of messages, to either remotely control the PC, or diagnose issues with non-invasive tools that can then push solutions to a customer's PC, allowing him to continue working without disruption.

Network Management Software

Likewise, Aptean’s Service Gateway network management software enables telecommunications and digital service providers to monitor and provision devices remotely, often fixing issues before the customer even knows a there is a problem. Service Gateway is used by network engineers and customer support representatives to manage, configure and support devices within their subscriber base. Highly aligned with industry standards, such as the Broadband Forum’s TR-069 specification, Service Gateway is typically deployed by internet service providers ranging from the middle market to the Global 2000.