Supply Chain

Aptean Enterprise Software Applications for the Supply Chain

Aptean understands that a smooth-running supply chain is critical to building your competitive advantage. And everyone—from wholesale to retail and manufacturing to distribution—needs to manage the chain efficiently.

Our supply chain management (SCM) software solutions are specifically designed for multi-enterprise, multi-channel, multi-language, and multi-currency order environments. We support end-to-end processes for discrete manufacturers and distribution companies—from supplier and customer collaboration to global inventory management and supply-chain execution.

A smooth, transparent supply chain is critical to your competitive advantage. That’s why we provide a suite of solutions to help you automate your processes, eliminate inefficiencies and gain the visibility you need. In order to detect and respond to fluctuations, you need automated support at each stage. Aptean has the technology and the expertise to get you there.


Standards-based Solutions

Aptean's integrated, open standards-based solutions serve key areas of complex supply chains and distribution networks. Our solutions can operate as standalone modules that can readily integrate into an enterprise’s existing applications.

Key functionality includes:

  • Warehouse Management
  • Transportation Management
  • Dynamic Route Planning
  • Slotting
  • Labor Management
  • Cross Dock Planning
  • Yard Management

Industry leaders such as Aldo Group, Centocor, The Container Store, Fuji, General Motors, Jim Beam, Office Max, Reebok, and more are using these Aptean solutions for their complex supply chain and distribution.

Collaborative Inventory Solution

Manufacturers need to optimize inventory levels between buyers and suppliers by providing the visibility to minimize risk and disruptions, and improve predictability. Aptean's collaborative inventory solution provides suppliers with real-time visibility into component inventory level, including on-hand, forecast, usage, orders, shipments and receipts, as well as real-time notification exceptions.

Key features include:

  • Inventory and Shipment Dashboards
    Real-time summary views of inventory, shipping, receiving and related data.
  • Real-time Inventory Status
    Quickly identify problems and view interactive forecast, usage, and projected inventory graphs.
  • Multiple Inventory Replenishment Models
    Supports both traditional inventory push models, as well as inventory pull models, such as Kanban, min-max, consumption-driven, schedule-driven and discrete order processes.
  • Supplier Performance Ratings
    A comprehensive rating system covers multiple levels, including the plant and supplier’s facility, down to the level of part number or event detail.
  • Lean Order Scheduling
    Determines whether delivery from suppliers is required, and if so, offers a suggested quantity. In the simplest case, notify a single supplier whether a single delivery for the day is required. For more complex cases, determine if multiple items from multiple suppliers are required.
  • Shipping and Receiving
    Detailed information regarding all promises, shipments in transit, ETAs, receipts and projected inventory levels.
  • Integration—Internally and With Partners
    Open and consistent data interface is compatible with virtually any ERP or production system.

Supply Chain for High-Volume Distributors

Aptean’s award-winning supply chain suite for high-volume distributors delivers world-class end-to-end supply chain execution solutions that are specifically architected for multi-enterprise, multi-channel, multi-language and multi-currency environments. The solution architecture provides for extremely reliable and scalable transaction handling.

Features include:

  • Order Management
  • Replenishment
  • Warehouse Management
  • Transportation
  • Analytics/OLAP
  • eCommerce

Our customer base includes leading brands such as Ahlsell, Altia, AstraZeneca, BergendahlsGruppen/CityGross, Campbell Soup, Canadian Tire, Gerber Softdrinks, ICA, InterPharm, Isaberg/Rapid, JM Smuckers, Nanso/Vogue, NMD, NorgesGruppen, PepsiCo, Royal Ahold, Schenker, Sherwin Williams, Tuko Logistics and Warner/Electra/Atlantic.


Aptean's Saas-based supply chain management software solution is designed to fit your business reality. Built on an agile cloud-based platform, you gain the ultimate combination of fast deployment, collaborative tools and deep supply chain functionality.

SaaS Supply Chain features:

  • Collaborative Inventory Management
    Get real-time visibility into inventory status, including on-hand, forecast, usage, orders, shipments and receipts, as well as real-time exception notifications.
  • Supply Chain Event Management
    Learn about key supply chain events and take action early with visibility into order and shipment status across your global supply chain.
  • Platform
    Get up and running quickly and easily with the low up-front costs and predictable investment of our cloud-based platform.


Albert Heijn

Albert Heijn is the largest single brand within the global and leading food retailer giant, Royal Ahold, with nearly 700 food retail stores across Netherlands. This case study examines their initiative to streamline the logistics behind their retail stores, changes to their replenishment operations, and the metrics achieved using Aptean’s supply chain solutions.


Find out how Ahlsell AB, a leading wholesaler of plumbing, heating, and electrical supplies for building professionals and industry, reduced their inventory costs by half. Gain insight into how an advanced Order Management System enabled Ahlsell to significantly improve customer service levels across its chain of over 200 outlets stores.

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Learn how Stryker addressed a key supply chain challenge around conflicting goals among high service levels and low inventory levels.