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Although commercial accounting and fund accounting share a few similar aspects, there are several variances in accounting procedures, management objectives and reporting requirements. Standard accounting solutions do not meet the needs of government bodies or agencies. 4-Gov fully conforms to GASB and FASB standards, so you can track multiple ledgers and produce reports and audit trails without hassle. Our SaaS-based solution is quick to implement and cost-efficient with a low fixed monthly subscription fee.

Explore industry solutions


Streamline your financial, payroll, and utility billing processes in a single system that features built-in disaster recovery.


Replace outdated systems with a complete cloud based solution that streamlines your county's financial processes.

National Governments

The State of Hawaii Judiciary system uses 4-Gov to streamline processes across four separate islands. Find out how 4-Gov can reduce your procurement cycle.

Tribal Governments

Keep your constituents happy with a systems that improves welfare of tribal citizens while managing federal grants and programs.


Have access to your information from anywhere in real time when using 4-Gov in the cloud.


Focus on your mission, not on your finances. 4-NFP automates your financial processes and integrates with GoMembers AMS to streamline donations and dues processing with member information.

Park Districts

Manage your resources to become more efficient with your operations and improve services using 4-Gov.

Public Agencies

Increase citizen services while working within a decreased budget. 4-Gov is the affordable solution for public agencies.