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Cash Receipts

Processing payments is now a breeze

Collect and record payments for any purpose using 4-Gov Cash Receipts. Designed to be used by cashiers and accounting departments who deal directly with the public,  this application can be used for a central or departmental collection area. 

The Cash Receipts application can process payments made by mail, lock box operations, online bill pay, and even bar coded bills for high-volume processing. It accepts multiple forms of payment, such as cash, check, and credit card, for one or more invoices and creates a complete historical log of all activity and a full audit trail of payments and adjustments made.  Processing payments has never been easier.

Key Features

  • Accepts Multiple Forms of Payment
  • Quick Pay for Bar Coded Bills
  • True Cashiering Format
  • Payment History Log
  • Integration with 4-Gov Applications
  • Built-in Reporting Feature

Here's what 4-Gov Cash Receipts can do for you

Keeps You in Balance

4-Gov Cash Receipts operates in a true cashiering format so that cash, payments, and other collections are balanced and approved by a supervisory function before they are released for final updates.

Stay Flexible

4-Gov Cash Receipts accepts multiple forms and types of payment including back office, mail payments, lock box operations, and online bill pay.

Create Dynamic Reports

Run a number of built in reports to know the exact amount of payments that have been processed. Built-in reports include: Entry Lists, Workstation Control Lists for Daily Balancing, Released and Un-released Batches, Monthly Receipt Type Totals, Lock Box Total Verification Summary and Audit Trail Reports.