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General Ledger

Make informed decisions with 4-Gov General Ledger

With 4-Gov General Ledger, senior officials and department heads can establish spending plans and correct any deviations long before annual budgets are exceeded. Reduce errors with predefined transaction codes or journals which permit a single transaction to be recorded simultaneously at all responsibility centers, on all affected ledgers, and in accordance with governmental accounting principles.

4-Gov uses an integrated general ledger and subsidiary ledger chart of accounts, and classifies transactions by object and sub-object.  These accounts are used for the appropriate funds by all organization levels from department to group.  Role-based access depicts which screens, menus, and choices are available based on the level of security assigned to a user.

Key Features

  • Appropriation Control
  • Role-based Access
  • Predefined Transaction Codes
  • Automatic Encumbrance Accounting
  • Online Financial Control Reports

Here's what 4-Gov General Ledger can do for you

Meet Accounting Standards Requirements

4-Gov satisfies prescribed fund accounting requirements and meets the CAFR requirements established by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board.

Generate Dynamic Reports

Detailed reports provide audit trails for the higher-level status and summary reports. Status reports can be used for operating control, and summary reports for top-level review and approval.

Increase Accountability

Maintain appropriation control and provide budgetary control at several levels with 4-Gov General Ledger.  Accountability can be established at the fund, department, division, section, and group levels as desired.