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Inventory Management

Manage products and inventory with ease

4-Gov Inventory Management allows an organization to automatically issue and receive inventoried goods. Inventory items can be ordered with 4-Gov Requisition and Accounts Payable and Purchasing System for warehouse replenishment or for departmental purchasing requests.  Inventory items can be issued at standard costs or other, with calculations made as lots are received.

The system uses an integrated general ledger and subsidiary ledger chart of accounts, and classifies transactions by object and sub-object.  These accounts are used for the appropriate funds by all organization levels from department to group.

Key Features

  • Inventory Record Tracking
  • Requisition Tracking
  • Movement of Inventory Authorization
  • Account Transaction Generator
  • Fully Integrated with 4-Gov Requisitions System
  • Reordering Automation

Here's what 4-Gov Inventory Management can do for you

Save Time

4-Gov Inventory Management interfaces with other 4-Gov applications to save precious resources and reduce errors.

Monitor Historical Data

View quantities and dollars issued by month, quarter and year-to-date to keep an accurate record of historical inventory information.

Save Money

The Inventory database maintains complete, accurate records of all inventory items so you can save resources when it comes time to audit your assets.