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Utility Suite

Centralize your utility billing process with 4-Gov Utility Suite

Reduce the time involved in reading meters, tracking customer issues, and billing your customers by centralizing all account history, billing, and collection into one system that integrates the accounting functions of a government-operated utility.

Customer service is key to your successful utility billing operation.  Sometimes the only contact a citizen may have with your city or agency is while they are paying utility bills online or in person.  The utility department handles inquiries about bills and requires prompt and efficient payment processing functions. Offer online payment processing with 4-Gov ePay that allows citizens to pay bills and tickets online through our secure online processing.

Dive into 4-Gov Utility Suite


Allow citizens to pay bills online with our secure online payment processing application.

Utility Billing

Keep track of each bill with the accounting information, dollar amounts, and meter readings with an unlimited amount of storage available.

Mini Systems

Track a violation from the moment a ticket is created through completion of payment.

Work Orders

Schedule and track maintenance and inspections of anything that might need to be monitored, maintained, or repaired.