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Mini Systems

Fee collection made easy

Local Ordinances mandate the billing and collection of many fees.  Some Fees are charged on a usage/occurrence basis such as parking ticket violations, alarm billing  violations, ambulance billing or insurance billing for damages to city property.  Other fees are periodic and based on licensing requirements such as vehicle and animal licensing.  4-Gov Mini Systems include those special systems—Animal Licensing, Parking Tickets/Violation Tracking, Vehicle Stickers, Police & Fire Alarm Billing.

Streamline your ticketing processes with the Mini System application. Upload data from a hand-held ticket device and track the violation from the original ticket through the conclusion. Citizens and businesses can pay the violation online using 4-Gov ePay with secure transaction processing.  Billing and late notices can be sent out with rate calculations based on standard classifications.

Key Features

  • Integration with other 4-Gov applications
  • Collection Reports
  • Integration with ticketing devices
  • Billing and Late Notice Form Templates

Here's what 4-Gov Mini Systems can do for you

Create Reports

All collection reports are selected and printed by using 4-Gov Accounts Receivable and Billing Menus.  This provides a full range of collection activities, reports, and penalty and interest calculations.

Ensure Accuracy

4-Gov Mini Systems is fully integrated to the 4-Gov Financial Suite to save time and ensure accurate data.

Streamline Billing Processes

Track a violation from the original ticket through its conclusion in one system.