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Axis ERP

ERP for Metals, Wire and Cable

Everything you need to know about Axis ERP Software by Aptean

Who it's for
For metals, wire and cable manufacturers, processors and service centers, ranging from global corporations to family owned businesses
What it solves
Who require advanced business solutions designed specifically for metals-based companies to drive increased efficiency, reduce costs and maximize profitability
What it is
Axis ERP is a directly-delivered enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, services and support solution
What you get
Axis ERP features a robust, highly configurable and customizable solution that is designed out of the box to address the unique requirements of metals, wire and cable manufacturers, processors and service centers, including support for:
  • Material defined by its attributes and characteristics
  • Material application based on actual quality
  • Material reapplication
  • Pricing rules based on order attributes
  • Process routings with alternative processing methods and dynamic, rule-based logic based on ordered attributes
  • Quality tracking from heat to heat with full traceability and genealogy
  • Inventory tracked at the tag level and/or heat/lot
  • Inexact quantities & variable units of measure
  • Shipping/receiving logistics
  • Effective scheduling
  • Quality control & tracking
Why it's different
Unlike generic ERP solutions, Axis ERP has the specialized functionality that metals and wire and cable companies need to address the business challenges they face every day. Built by industry experts and continually updated based on the input of some of the world’s largest metals, wire and cable manufacturers—our customers, Axis delivers innovative, yet practical, solutions to your strategic operational challenges and real return on investment.
Why you need it

Axis ERP software makes it possible for metals companies, and wire and cable manufacturers to manage their business operations using a common base of industry-specific information and business processes. Axis ERP software contributes to the long-term success of companies by helping them:

  • Quickly develop, quote, and produce new products to exacting customer expectations
  • Consistently deliver high-quality products while decreasing lead times
  • Reduce costs and improve profitability
  • Effectively manage complex business models involving many customized products for many customers
  • Efficiently manufacture products in either low volume or high volume
  • Put high-cost capital equipment to the best possible use