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Cimnet ERP

The Most Complete PCB Software Solution

Everything you need to know about Cimnet PCB ERP Software by Aptean

Who it's for
For the global printed circuit board (PCB) industry—including electronic manufacturing services (EMS) and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) who design, assemble, produce, and test PCBs—from large, multi-national corporations to smaller, homegrown shops
What it solves
Who want a complete printed circuit board manufacturing solution that will streamline their business processes, from the initial RFQ (request for quote) to the shipment of a completed order
What it is
Cimnet offers a variety of directly-delivered software, services and support solutions for every aspect of the PCB manufacturing process, from pre-production—engineering, quoting, panelization, and analysis—to manufacturing
What you get
Collectively, the Cimnet solutions offer specific capabilities to improve the efficiency of a business’ entire operation, including:
  • Pre-production engineering
  • Quoting and order management
  • Materials management
  • Panelization
  • Production
  • Quality
  • Supply chain management
  • Business intelligence
Why it's different
Unlike generic ERP solutions, Cimnet is specifically designed and enhanced for the unique and changing needs of the PCB industry. In addition, Cimnet’s offerings can be implemented individually to provide focused functionality to specific areas of a company’s pre-production process or integrated to create a complete automation of pre-production and manufacturing processes to help achieve significant time and cost savings.
Why you need it

Here are some of the reasons manufacturers have chosen Cimnet as a software partner and been glad they did:

  • Ramp up engineering to save time, lower costs, and improve accuracy.
  • Produce more accurate quotes, faster.
  • Automate data input and engineering analysis.
  • Automate panelization.
  • Improve manufacturing through better materials management, scheduling, and production management.
  • Improve PCB supply chain visibility, both upstream and downstream.