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Flexible MES solutions designed for your industry

Factory MES is a purpose-built, packaged MES application designed to suit your industry’s specific needs. There’s no lengthy customization process, so you can see benefits faster and focus on what you do best – manufacture excellent products at the best cost point. 

We’re deeply committed to the industries we serve. Factory MES eliminates the risks and overheads common to generalized systems by tailoring software specifically for different manufacturing needs. Our solutions are designed to embrace all the elements and processes of the factory floor in a single, out-of-the-box suite focused on unlocking human capital in the workplace.

Explore industry solutions

Food & Beverage

Dramatically cut production costs in weeks with a real-time performance framework that exposes and helps eliminate the major causes of inefficiency.


Achieve real-time operational transparency, optimized assets and improved throughput with an accelerated value stream.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Boost workplace performance by eliminating capacity constraints and delivering consistent factory floor metrics such as yield, rate and cost per unit.


Optimize factory performance and cut production costs while conforming to stringent regulatory requirements.