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Ramp up your production efficiency with Factory MES

Get quantifiable ROI, fast implementation cycles and proven best practices from leading automotive companies in North America and Europe.

Today’s automotive manufacturers and suppliers are being asked to make substantial production efficiency contributions to production. Rapid changes have created compressed ramp-up schedules and reduced available time for testing. Every party in the process is under pressure to respond quickly to evolving consumer tastes and market scrutiny. You need to achieve maximum efficiency and lower production costs by ensuring there is no waste from excess scrap, poor quality or labor inefficiency.

Today’s top automotive supplier manufacturers rely on Factory MES. Our solutions are designed to help you achieve real-time operational transparency, optimize your assets, and drive a culture of immediate action in the workplace.

Key Features

  • In-line real-time performance management
  • Plant data & MES aquisition
  • Process constraints & throughput analysis
  • Asset utilization
  • Continuous improvement campaign management
  • Standard operational procedures compliance management
  • Executive scorecards & strategic analytics
  • Maintenance response management
  • Workplace production scheduling

Here's what Factory MES can do for you

Boost Efficiency

Improve throughput, plant utilization and increase capacity. Enhance agility and respond to real-time customer demands.

Track Key Intelligence

Determine OEE and attainment, identify true production constraints, provide real-time information for Andon and similar plant floor displays and predict Meantime Between Failure (MTBF) and Meantime to Repair (MTTR).

Enhance Compliance

Institutionalize conformance to SOP, including start-ups and changeovers. Provide transparency on all manufacturing performance opportunities.

Promote Floor-Level Ownership

Make action unavoidable in the workplace, standardize improvement practices across the plant network and employ proven root cause techniques. Establish and track targets for improvement.