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Food & Beverage

Implement a tailored MES solution from the experts in Food & Beverage

Controlling your production costs and operating under the lowest-cost conditions enables you to make agile decisions about your product mix, new product innovations and continuous improvement programs. It’s worth pursuing every bit of efficiency you can gain on the production line.

Factory MES will unlock the greatest asset in your factories – your people. Armed with real-time intelligence on production operations and per-unit costs, factory floor teams can implement immediate reviews, make real-time adjustments and measure instant performance improvements.

Key Features

  • Real-time performance management
  • Plant data management
  • Process constraints & throughput analysis
  • Continuous improvement campaign management
  • Automated quality assurance process
  • Compliance management
  • Executive scorecards & strategic analytics
  • Workplace engagement
  • Maintenance response management
  • Workplace production scheduling

Here’s what Factory MES can do for you

Real-Time Performance Management

Identify all manufacturing losses, measure OEE, monitor product costing in real-time and control crew performance.

Production Scheduling in Real-Time

Automatically update work floor production schedules to match the pace of production.

Quality Assurance

Conduct paperless compliance and track all quality assurance processes throughout the factory floor. Automate checks related to production quality and reduce give-away through SPC control. 

Continuous Improvement Campaign Management

Provide complete transparency of improvement initiatives across the factory and wider enterprise. Re-ignite corporate CI initiatives and close the loop between potential and actual improvements using pre-built capabilities.

Enterprise-Wide Factory Intelligence

Identify variations in plant, SKU, value stream and shift performance to pinpoint priorities for improvement and capital investment. Deploy packaged dashboards and manufacturing metrics to support operational excellence initiatives.