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Factory MES Enterprise

Manufacturing transparency across the enterprise

Standardize everyday control practices and achieve your benchmark goals faster.

Factory MES integrates the functionality of shop floor data capture, MES, analytics and scorecards, continuous improvement capabilities, paperless quality management and packaged metrics, including Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). This powerful platform can standardize daily work control practices and formalize existing, enterprise-wide continuous improvement initiatives.

With Factory MES, manufacturers can benchmark and compare site performance, establish improvement targets, and drive specific campaigns down to the factory floor of each plant.

Enterprise Solutions

By streamlining shop floor technology, Factory MES replaces disparate spreadsheet systems with one packaged manufacturing execution system.

Manufacturing Performance Transparency

Site by site transparency of production metrics, attainment, waste and team performance.

Standardized Continuous Improvement Programs

Establish corporate wide initiatives that can be pushed down to each factory. Review campaign performance and establish trends across the plant network.

Integrated Corporate Transparency

Integrate factory floor performance with the enterprise through packaged integration models for most leading enterprise software systems.

Enterprise-Wide Analytics

Analyze multi-plant performance through pre-configured dashboards. Establish online, enterprise-wide improvement goals for product profitability, capacity, quality and service delivery opportunities.

Enterprise Services

Factory MES eliminates the risks and overheads that are common with multi-plant implementations. Our services are packaged into a repeatable method and come ready to go. We deliver a rapid implementation of standardized metrics, consistent working practices and the adoption of a real-time performance review framework across every plant.