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Factory MES Modules

Factory MES provides a full suite of manufacturing execution system tools

Factory MES unlocks available hidden capacity on the factory floor by managing production planning in real-time and recording results of all activities in terms of OEE and unit cost. This information is presented in a timely and relevant format to factory workers to stimulate accountability and immediate action. The information is summarized and presented to middle-level and senior management to create transparency and visibility to daily operations across all plants in the enterprise.

Factory MES provides a suite of modules all designed to enhance productivity on the factory floor.

Factory MES Modules


Identify all manufacturing losses, measure OEE, monitor product costing in real-time and control crew performance.


Activplant Essentials is the multi-component system at the heart of the Activplant solution that enables the collection and analysis of plant floor data, delivering the intelligence you need to drive your business.


Provide complete transparency of improvement initiatives throughout the factory and wider enterprise. Re-ignite corporate continuous improvement initiatives and close the loop between potential and actual improvements using pre-built capabilities.


Get more from your Activplant Essentials data. The Integration Toolkit opens up your database to intelligence harvesting and enables you to integrate it with the third-party application for actively managing a business.


Identify variations in plant, SKU, value stream and shift performance – pinpointing priorities for improvement and capital investment. Deploy packaged dashboards and manufacturing metrics to support operational excellence initiatives.


Implement paperless compliance and tracking of all quality assurance processes throughout the factory floor. Automate checks related to production quality and reduce give-away through SPC control.