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ActivPlant Integration Toolkit

Database Intelligence Harvesting – Your Data Wherever You Need It

The data collected from the plant floor comes from the heart of your business. You spend time researching your market to understand what your customers need, but delivering on those needs as efficiently as possible is critical to ensuring success.

Today, in an open world-market, manufacturers face more competition than ever before, so you need tools that give you a competitive edge. The Activplant Integration Toolkit, backed by the power and versatility of the ActivEssentials platform, provides you with more insight into your manufacturing operations than you could have ever have imagined.

With the ITK, your plant floor data becomes a tool to drive efficiency. And with the ability to expose this data to the third-party systems you use to run your business, your business becomes more intelligent.

Key Features

  • Develop reports that directly reference your plant floor data
  • Retrieve and integrate contextualized data with third-party applications
  • Gain insight into overall business performance
  • Produce data sets that comply with standard-based methods
  • Use data sets in other applications:
    • BI – Business Intelligence
    • ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning
    • SCM – Supply Chain Management
    • SPC – Statistical Process Control
  • Four levels of support to fit the skill sets available in your organization:
    • SSIS integration
    • SSRS integration
    • .NET development
    • Web services

Here’s what Integration Toolkit Can Do for You

To run an efficient manufacturing operation, you need information you know you can trust; information you know is going to help you achieve your goals. With the ITK, you can develop reports that directly reference your plant floor data, and in an easy to implement way, use aggregations of this data in whatever way you need. Used in this way, your data gains greater relevance as it is up to date and ready to use.

The Activplant ITK excels at retrieving just the data you need to make the right decisions. In combination with the data from other aspects of your business, you get relevant reporting that can help set your organization apart.