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Drive productivity improvements across multiple lines & sites

Identify all manufacturing losses, measure OEE, monitor product costing in real-time and gauge crew performance. Enable the factory floor to take action and make adjustments in real-time. Harness the power of touch-screen technology to provide operations and quality personnel with immediate manufacturing performance information such as OEE in the appropriate format. Factory MES Performance delivers the capabilities to drive productivity improvements while managing complex product profiles and differing shift patterns across multiple lines.

Designed to address the usability needs of a shop floor environment, actions are managed through a role-specific, ATM-style interface.

Key Features

  • Real-time OEE measurement
  • Hyper-intuitive ‘ATM’ style operator interface
  • Pre-defined workflows for start-ups & changeovers
  • Inbuilt performance review framework for regular review points
  • Automated alerting for tasks and scheduled checks compliance
  • Packaged OEE metrics including rate, yield & utilization at run/line/plant level
  • Cost-per-unit tracking at run/line/plant level
  • Automated short interval control processes
  • Real-time end-of-shift reviews
  • Automated production data from sensors Combined with operator context
  • Packaged daily performance review metrics
  • Rapid deployment within 6 weeks per site

Here’s what Factory MES Performance can do for your production operations team

Increased Capacity

  • Transparency on enterprise-wide manufacturing performance opportunities.
  • Shop floor performance ownership able to respond in real time.
  • Integrated communication between planning, operations, maintenance and quality functions.
  • Cost-per-unit tracking at run/line/plant level.


  • Real-time performance management.
  • Consistent plant utilization and yield.
  • Consistent SKU, line and crew performance.
  • Standardized performance framework for the entire plant work.

Analysis & Reporting

  • Conformance to Standard Operating Practices (SOPs), including start-ups & changeovers.
  • Packaged real-time OEE metrics, including rate, yield, utilization at run/line/plant level.
  • Built-in performance review frameworks to enforce action.
  • Real-time end-of-shift review.