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Factory MES Quality

Automated quality assurance with paperless compliance & process tracking

Factory MES Quality equips operators to perform product quality and a variety of other checks as part of their real-time, day-to-day routine. There’s no paperwork to file – just simple, touch-screen or hand-held technology. Armed with key information, operators can make immediate adjustments to waste and yield issues while ensuring full audit compliance. The solution provides vital pass/fail of stock-in-quarantine for rapid supervisory sign-off and instant notification of quality threshold violations. Direct links to bar-coding/image recognition hardware enables full, end-of-line packaging compliance.

Key Features

Quality checks by product, line and asset including: 

  • Start-up
  • Area functional checks
  • Re-works
  • Re-tests
  • Laboratory tests
  • End of line compliance
  • End of run
  • End of shift

Real-time quality management:

  • Real time alerting to checks
  • SKU/product audit ability
  • Exception reporting
  • Administration light
  • Quality analysis
    • Non-conformance analysis
    • Corrective actions
    • Root causes

Here’s what Factory MES Quality can do for your Quality & Operations teams

Enhance Performance

Reduce waste, improve yields and audit compliance, and deliver 100% compliance with quality assurance processes, and improve positive-release cycles.

Address Ongoing Challenges

Reduce quality control bottlenecks, quarantine inventory, and product giveaways. Achieve transparency on yield and waste losses while enabling end-to-end SKU track and trace visibility.

Monitor Quality by Product, Line & Asset

Checks can include start-up, area functional checks, re-works, re-tests, laboratory tests, end-of-line compliance, end-of-run and end-of-shift.

Analyze & Report

Non-conformance analysis, corrective actions, root causes, cost of quality and discrepant material reports.