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Donor Based Organizations

GoMembers AMS for Donor Based Organizations

Make your next campaign a success with GoMembers AMS for Donor Based Organizations.  GoMembers powerful fundraising application and constituent management system keep track of member, constituent, and donor information while organizing campaign efforts and contributions. Manage multiple types of campaigns and track contributions that are both paid and pledged as well as collections and fund accounting.

Automatically track activities and interactions to keep your constituents engaged with information that is relevant to them. GoMembers flexible technology lets you manage data in terms that are relevant to your industry.

GoMembers association management system solutions provide flexibility for any size organization.

Key Features

GoMembers AMS

GoMembers OnDemand AMS

Here’s what GoMembers AMS for Donor Based Organizations can do for you

Track All Aspects of Your Constituents

Set up and administer an unlimited number of relationships with an easy-to-read 360° view of constituent activities including meeting attendance, pledges and donations.

Manage Campaigns and Prospects

Integrate GoMembers e-Marketing and Fundraising applications to create dynamic campaigns. Report your success rate with easy-to-read reports that track sent, blocked, and opened email communications. Automatically import these results into an individual’s record to keep track of interactions with prospective donors.

Take It to the Web

Empower constituents to update contact information, register for events, and pledge or make donations with secure credit card processing using gomember eBusiness—completely integrated with your website and GoMembers AMS.  Be part of the social scene with the GoMembers Social Community and Mobile applications that keep your members engaged online and on the go.

Speak in your own terms

Customize field names and parameters with industry-specific terminology using the System Administration tool. Define users and user groups, maintain donor-specific parameters and defaults, customize field labels for forms, and administer processes that are run on a periodic basis.

Host the Event of the Season

GoMembers Event Management application streamlines event planning details so you can stop pushing around spreadsheets, registration details, and contracts and start focusing on planning an event that delivers the value everyone can’t stop talking about.