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Continuing Education

Focus on education instead of tracking credits

Whether you’re providing ongoing education for professionals in the medical, legal, real estate or other industries, it’s critical that you have accurate and up-to-date information. Individual profiles, areas of interest/specialties, types of credits to be earned, and actual credits earned are the lifeblood of your organization and its value to your attendees.

Key Features

  • Record Multiple Credit Types
  • Track Session Attendance
  • Compile Year-end Statistics
  • Sort by Date or Credit Type
  • Self-reported Credits Can be Added
  • Set Up Links to Classroom Material and Certificates
  • Publish to the Web with One Click
  • Credit History File 

Here's what Continuing Education Management can do for you

Manage Attendee Credits

You must track attendee credits to ensure that your attendees receive the correct certifications and have the appropriate prerequisite sessions. With GoMembers, it’s all automated for you. Now you can accomplish your goals while ensuring a higher-quality attendee experience

Provide Online Self-Service &Save Time

Today’s consumers appreciate online self-service functionality. With GoMembers eBusiness Suite, attendees can log in to view their history, credits earned, and even add session credits to their own record. This saves you time, and puts attendees in control of their continuing education.