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Financial Suite

Boost productivity & reduce errors with one time data entry

Nonprofit organizations have unique rules and regulations to follow when it comes to financial management. 4-NFP is designed to satisfy fund accounting requirements established by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB). It’s fund accounting that fits your needs.

4-NFP Financial Suite gives you all the tools you need to successfully manage your finances.  Keep track of money owed and money due with 4-NFP.

Key Features

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable and Purchasing
  • Accounts Receivable and Billing
  • Requisitioning
  • Budget Preparation
  • Cash Receipts
  • Inventory
  • Fixed Assets

Here's what the Financial Suite can do for you

One Time Data Entry

Enter a single transaction once into the General Ledger and it will automatically be recorded in all affected ledgers to boost productivity and reduce errors. Quickly run one of the standard reports to provide audit trails and summary reports without struggling through several spreadsheets or the hassle of creating a report from scratch.

Monitor Purchases From Start to Finish

Create a smarter, faster, and better purchasing work flow by empowering departments to enter their own purchase requisitions and monitor all steps in the approval process. 4-NFP Accounts Payable and Purchasing controls and accounts for all financial obligations, from the moment a purchase order is submitted until the vendor payment is completed.

Prepare Budgets

Take the guesswork out of budget planning with a “What if…” analysis to determine the outcome of a financial decision before it has even been approved. 4-NFP Budget Preparation supports changes to the initial budget and automatically creates an audit trail of changes through the adoption of the final budget.

Track Money Owed

Smooth out your accounts receivable and billing process and save time by automatically updating individual records while entering receivable transactions. 4-NFP Cash Receipts maximizes productivity by centralizing collections and the recording of payments for any purpose. A direct interface to other 4-NFP applications automates payment postings and provides secure daily cash control. 

Keep an Accurate Inventory

Oversee the acquisition and storage of office supplies, materials, equipment, parts and more. 4-NFP Inventory Management can also direct the distribution of items to internal departments for accurate billing and item tracking. 4-NFP Fixed Assets tracks the acquisition, depreciation, and retirement of assets and is completely integrated with 4-NFP Accounts Payable and Purchasing.