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Payroll HR Suite

Eliminate redundancy & the need for reconciliation

Your employees are the core of your organization.  Keep your employees happy and your HR processes running smoothly with 4-NFP.

4-NFP Payroll HR Suite streamlines your HR, time entry and payroll processes, saving you valuable time and money. You can easily make changes in one place at one time and rest assured the information has been updated throughout the entire system.

Key Features

  • Track Employee Information
  • Track Employment History
  • User-Defined Fields
  • Time Entry
  • Skills Information
  • Payroll Tracking

Here's what 4-NFP Payroll HR Suite can do for you

Keep Track of Employees

Track an individual’s career events, including position or salary changes, training, testing, certifications, security, personnel actions, medical and other user-defined information through an employee’s life cycle. Human Resources is completely integrated with the Payroll and Time Entry modules for single data entry.

Eliminate Redundancy

Meet payroll and departmental requirements with a single point of entry, eliminating redundancy and the need for reconciliation. Time Entry supports all your time reporting needs with detailed entry at the employee, day, project, task, and time level, including supervisory review and approval of an employee group.

Process Your Payroll

Eliminate the need to hire expensive outside consultants or vendors for processing your payroll. The Payroll modules provide robust processing features with added functions for position control and labor distribution, as well as interfaces to 4-NFP ledgers. The personnel component complements the employee databases with skills inventory, education, medical, special certification, and job-related history.