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Mobile Membership

Connect with your members on the go

Phones are no longer just for making calls.  With a record proportion of the population using their smart phones to read news stories, pay bills, and surf the web, isn’t it time your organization engaged members on the go?

GoMembers Mobile Membership pushes your GoMembers Social Community directly to your members’ smart phones.  Members can participate in discussions, RSVP to your events, and contact other members on the go.  At the same time, your GoMembers Social Community solution will track online participation giving you insider knowledge to plan new member services that matter most to your members.

Key Features

  • Directory
  • News
  • Events
  • Discussions
  • Messages
  • Contacts
  • My Profile

Here’s what GoMembers Mobile Membership can do for you

Engage Your Current Members

Increase member services by offering a virtual hot spot that is never out of reach.

Attract New Members

Increase the number of members by increasing your member services with our mobile application.

Track Social Media Results

With complete integration with GoMembers, you can see who your most active members are and follow the conversation directly from your Social Community solution.