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Social Community

Be a part of the social scene

GoMembers Social Community enables nonprofit organizations to provide a private online community where members can create profiles, participate in online discussions, and collaborate in various interest groups. Gain invaluable knowledge about your members, so you can provide innovative events and seminars based on the discussions and interest groups your members participate in online.

Powered by Higher Logic, GoMembers Social Community is completely integrated with the GoMembers database and manages member access to communities, blogs and other activities via seamless authentication.

Key Features

  • Member Directory
  • Online Discussion Groups
  • Resource Library
  • Microsites
  • Events Manager
  • Events Calendar
  • Wiki Glossary

Here’s what GoMembers Social Community can do for you

Promote Communication Within Your Organization

By providing a platform for your members to connect, you create the arena for the ultimate networking experience.

Know Your Members Better

Know what your members want, where they are, and what they are talking about this minute.

Generate New Revenue

Create non-due revenue by offering advertising or sponsorship opportunities on your social site.