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Supply Chain Support

We offer a variety of new support services focused on providing faster response and resolution times and business improvements to ensure the optimization of your supply chain. Our Supply Chain support goes well beyond traditional break-fix (reactive) plans so that you are assured of getting the most value from your SCM investment.

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Supply Chain Customer Support

Support Plans That are Right for Your Organization
Our Supply Chain Support provides a choice of three comprehensive plans to meet your unique requirements — Priority, Priority Plus and Premier. Each plan provides base features including access to client support, published response and resolution targets, software updates and enhancements, remote diagnostics and a Support Account Team.

Automated Support Incident System
SCM customers can access or create support incidents by using the Support Incident Management system — powered by Pivotal eService. This facility can be used to log, update, and view the status of incidents.

Customized Support
In addition to coverage options, our Supply Chain Support team is one of the few software support teams to provide customized software support. Customized support includes the same coverage levels as core product support, with the addition of defined customer modifications. Custom support contracts are tailored to the needs of the individual customer.

Coverage Details by Plan


Priority Plus


16 hours of daily access to our Aptean Support Center, Monday through Friday, with additional coverage available. Expands your coverage to 24 hour support, Monday through Friday. Expands coverage to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Phone Support

When you need live support—or when you can't find what you need on the Customer Portal—contact our global support specialists.

  • North America: +1 856 988 3822 (8am to 5pm Eastern)
  • Europe: +46 (0)8 676 51 00 (8am to 5pm GMT +1)