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Quality Control

How do you know when you’re in control

Maintaining quality has several aspects in warehousing - cycle counting inventory, measuring vendor performance, and checking received, picked and packed goods. Not being in control generates mistakes at all levels, as well as negatively impacting order fulfillment rates and customer service levels. From stocking levels to inventory quality statuses, warehouses have to control their inventory.

Keep track of every box, control warehouse operations and streamline quality improvement processes, all in real-time.

Key Features

  • Vendor Accuracy Checks
  • Audit Scheduling
  • Automated Holds
  • Goods Ageing Report

Here's what Quality Control can do for you

Improve Stock Rotation
Automated process for stock rotation combined with goods aging reports help you to minimize stock obsolescence.

Increase Transparency
Increases transparency for inbound and outbound checks to discover non-compliant vendors and to identify areas for improvement.

Reduce Manual Processes
Automate your return process with reason/action code management and the possibility to send goods back to vendor. Schedule audits based on vendor score cards or scheduled checks.