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Warehouse Automation

Automation beyond your desktop

To get the most out of your warehouse management solution you need to operate in real-time with directed tasks and instructions to warehouse staff as well as material handling equipment. With no delays in propagating tasks or responding to requests and updates we provide solutions for RF-based handheld scanners and truck mounted equipment for voice-recognition, device and material handling integration, and for RFID.

Key Features

  • Wireless applications that interact with the warehouse management system
  • Promotes better and safer working environment
  • Integration with external automation equipment such as scales, conveyers, cranes
  • Exclusive RFID-enabling technology

Here is what Warehouse Automation can do for you

Delivers Real-Time Responses & Updates
Because our wireless applications interact directly with the warehouse management system, everything is updated real-time.

Promotes Safe Work Environment
Safety is increased when users do not have to look down on papers or screens.