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Yard Management

Most shipping delays are in the yard & not on the road

The first and last place a distribution center sees product is in the yard. But for most, the yard is a blind spot where time is wasted searching for trailers and even searching for someone to search for trailers. These delays affect warehouse productivity, impact customer satisfaction and increase costs. In fact, most shipping delays are in the yard and not on the road.

Yard Management can be deployed centrally to control many yards and gives you the visibility and control you need to simplify and accelerate all of your yard activities.

Key Features

  • Automatic Move Assignment
  • Intuitive Dashboard
  • Warehouse Management Integration
  • Thin Client
  • Automated Appointment Scheduling

Here's what Yard Management can do for you

Be Flexible
Rules-based customization available at many critical points in the overall process allows you to change dock door selection, work prioritization and appointment scheduling rules. Let carriers set their own appointments.

Get a Graphical View
Our graphical monitor allows you to drag and drop resources to schedule moves while a dashboard with gauges monitors yard status so you can balance workloads and performance.

Reduce Unnecessary Charges
With real time alerts to bring your attention to potential problems, you can reduce demurrage charges.

Increases Distribution Center Throughput
Store appointment schedules and yards to show the expected deliveries and content from distribution centers for proof of delivery and scheduling of staff to unload trailers at the store.