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Order Management

Provide your growing customer base the service they demand

Advanced Order Management is a comprehensive solution that supports advanced order management processes, for sales, purchasing, internal transfers, returns and variations of these.

Proven in high volume fast-moving environments, it is the backbone of the network level supply chain operation. The solution integrates with multiple execution systems for warehouse and transportation management and keeps a supply chain level view on orders and inventory.

Key Features

  • Global Order Management
  • Pricing and Promotion Management
  • Global Inventory Management
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Return Management

Here is what Order Management can do for you

Manage Global Orders with Ease

Supports complex supply chains, multi-currency and advanced organizational structures.

Manage Promotions & Pricing

Get a handle on your pricing and promotions. Order Management gives you multi-dimensional configuration for pricing, discounts and promotions based on customer, category, timing, promotions, selling business unit, order size, package size, and more.

Manage POs

Keep track of your purchase orders from purchase requests to order confirmation, ship notification, receiving and invoice matching. 

Get Agile Fulfillment Working for You

Our configurable fulfillment process allows for real-time selection for the distribution channel based on availability, replacements and substitutions. 

Track Inventory

Get a global view of stock and in-transit inventory. Manage your returns with reverse flow of goods workflow that supports reimbursement in virtually any combination.

Enjoy Order-Line Independence

Get the ultimate flexibility in delivering an order as each line can be sourced, delivered and priced individually or shipped together.