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Supply Chain Analytics

If you need to improve it you need to measure it

Through customizable management dashboards, pre-built reports, and proactive alerts, decision-makers can easily monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) across the supply chain, manage by prioritized exceptions, and drill-down to the details to analyze underlying root causes.

With Supply Chain Analytics, we have created standard reports, KPIs and dashboards to comply with industry standards and to support common roles in product, sales, purchasing and supply chain functions, from executives to shift managers, from engineers to warehouse workers.

Dive into your Supply Chain Analytics solutions

Sales Analytics

Learn more about your best customers.  Who are they? Do you know your service levels?  Eliminate guesswork and get the metrics you need to build a stronger company.

Purchasing Analytics

Determine how your vendors are performing. How is purchasing performance trending over time?  Use simplified, customized dashboards to stay informed.

Warehouse Analytics

See analysis along different dimensions, including time, area, zone, client, user, equipment, task type, vendor, customer, product, etc., all on an easy-to-customize management dashboard.