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Supply Chain Monitoring

End-to-end supply chain visibility, all at the network level

Our Supply Chain Monitoring solutions add real-time connectivity and business process control on a network level. It links orders, shipments, containers and inventory together in an operational data store for end-to-end supply chain visibility.

This allows us to manage also complex scenarios where the enterprise may use multiple host systems and execution systems, and still have the ability to link supply chain data from all of these together and control the supply chain with a single point of access.

Dive into your Supply Chain Monitoring solutions

Shipment Tracking and Monitoring

Bridge the gaps between disparate systems to provide a global view of physical execution. Keep track of your shipment, wherever it is in the world.

Operations Monitoring

Let real-time operational analytics compare current operational performance against specific objectives.  Now, you can respond to bottlenecks before they affect productivity.

Event Monitoring

Let automatic agents record exceptions connected to different process steps and distribute for action and escalation.

System Monitoring

Build IT efficiency whenever and whenever your customers depend on it. Finding potential problems in advance will save you time, cost, customers and headaches.