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Event Monitoring

Not just monitoring—intelligent notification to key personnel

In every company’s supply chain, there are bound to be mishaps in systems and processes that if not addressed, can create bottlenecks in throughput and ultimately affect your customer service. But how can you effectively find out about these events in time to make a difference? You do it by making the information available to the right people through automatic and intelligent notification. It’s critical to building and maintaining a competitive advantage in today’s supply chain network.

Supply Chain Event Monitoring enables you to transform your supply chain into a real-time adaptive network that optimizes productivity and efficiency by proactively notifying key personnel when operational or system-related events occur across your supply chain. These notifications are delivered immediately by phone, fax, pager or e-mail.

Key Features

  • Automated Alerts
  • Resolution Guide Workflow
  • Configurable Notifications
  • Event Escalation
  • User-Defined Alerting
  • Alert Bundles
  • System Performance Monitoring Alerts

Here's what Event Monitoring can do for you

Tell the Right People, at the Right Time

Bring the right people to bear at the right time by configuring event notifications for internal supply chain processes, such as inbound and outbound warehouse production, yard management, labor management as well as order and inventory management.

Reduce Costs

By catching problematic events early and proactively responding, you reduce time to resolution, increase throughput and decrease the costs associated with downtime.

Get Visibility

Improve your visibility into suppliers, carriers, distribution, warehousing, and customer relationships. Avoid unnecessary delays and improve customer satisfaction.

Reduce Manual Tasks

Minimize the time you need to spend manually monitoring key events with automated alerting for supply chain performance including vendors, customers and your carriers.